Language Studies Project

In April 2011, the Piarist Fathers of the Province of the United States and the Vice-Province of New York – Puerto Rico merged to form one new Province. What had primarily been one English speaking and one Spanish speaking group of priests and seminarians suddenly found themselves in a completely new situation. The Piarists in the newly formed Province of the United States and Puerto Rico had, overnight, become a bi-lingual entity.
Today, our priests and seminarians minister in ten different missions and operate three houses of formation (residences for our seminarians, who will become our future priests). We are determined that our future priests will be able to speak both English and Spanish, so that they can effectively minister in any of our thirteen locations.


It is our desired goal of the project to enable our priests to become bilingual and to serve in all of our ministries; Spanish and English speaking. In order to move in this direction, we need your help!
The majority of the men, who are exploring our formation program, speak Spanish. We are a bilingual Province. Our challenge is to ensure that our seminarians can minister in both languages. This project was established in 2012 to provide educational opportunities beyond the philosophy and theology studies so that our young men can become fluent in both Spanish and English.


  • Yearly budget depends on the number of participants. (Typically $15,000 per seminarian)
  • Majority of our seminarians come from difficult economic and educational backgrounds
  • Seminarians spend 1 year intensively studying a second language
  • Costs include lodging, tuition and scholastic materials

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