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Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because
of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

The year was 1971. The Piarist Fathers began their work with the Latin Mission. In the spirit of St. Joseph  Calasanz, the Piarist Fathers and a group
of lay missionaries set off on horseback into the rural community of Melchor Ocampo. There were no roadways, no running water and no electricity. Their goals were to construct a medical dispensary and to work on farming plow projects with the people in the village.  This was the beginning of a fifty year undertaking of love, compassion and sharing in the true spirit of St. Joseph Calasanz. So much has changed since that hot muggy day in June of 1971 in Melchor Ocampo. Much progress has been made. Many beautiful relationships have been formed.

Over the past 50 years, the Piarist Fathers have worked in two parishes, San Isidro in Macuspana and Sagrado Corazon in Buenavista. The mission has worked directly in more than 33 rural communities and with thousands of villagers in these two parishes. More than 400 lay missionaries , men and women have participated in the mission. More than 32 Piarist priests and seminarians have been involved. It seems both appropriate and noteworthy to mention that Fr. Oscar Alsono, Sch. P. was involved for 31 years and that Fr. Mario Vizcaino, Sch. P. has so far been involved for 48 years.

The missionaries have been involved in many different activities. The include: celebration of the Eucharist and sacraments; daily visits to ill people in their homes as well as hundreds of families, daily catechetical instruction according to the parishes’ programs with original and inculturated materials, construction of churches, missionary housing and latrines; agriculture, first aid and health programs; the creation of cooperatives of pigs and cows; cultural field trips village housing improvement projects; response to natural disasters, such as the eruption of Chichonal Volcano in 1982 and the flooding of Villahermosa in 2007; and so much more. The Pirarist Fathers Latin Mission has been there to help those in the greatest need in those communities.


Involved in more than 20 rural, impoverished communities

Helped construct 8 chapels in these communities.

Yearly budget is $65,800

Presently working in the Diocese of Tabasco in Mexico.

Provide programs in Health Education and Evangelization

Currently constructing a new chapel.

Due to limited resources in the Tabasco Diocese, a local priest
can visit these remote communities only twice a year.

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