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As Piarist priests, who take a vow of poverty, we work in a relatively small Province. We are blessed to see our religious order grow and to have so many young men express an interest in a Piarist vocation. However, as a Province, we cannot cover the expenses of our various ministries and our growing seminarian population without the generous support of our benefactors. It is through the financial partnership of our benefactors that a strong and continued Piarist presence in our schools, parishes and missions will continue and flourish.  This is the most important project of the Province.  Over the last twenty years the Province cost for seminarians is four million dollars.

Two nuns, a priest, and two men in casual clothes posing together


  • Currently 12 seminarians
  • Majority of seminarians come from difficult economic and educational backgrounds
  • Average cost for one seminarian is $15,000 per year
  • Average time from start to ordination is 10 years
  • Seminarian expenses account for more than 50% of the Province budget
  • The current seminarian budget is approximately $200,000
  • A Piarist Seminarian Endowment Fund is a priority of the Province

House of Formation of St. Joseph Calasanz

In 2013, we purchased our own House of Formation in Ponce, PR. The House of Formation of St. Joseph Calasanz serves as a residence for our men, who are studying philosophy and education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.


  • In this phase of formation, our seminarians work on philosophy and education degrees
  • Seminarians attend the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
  • Yearly budget for the seminary is approximately $100,000
  • Our seminarians assist in local Piarist ministries
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A picture of a smiling priest with a quote by Fr. Pedro Aguado SCHP, Father General