Retired Piarist Fathers Project

Hands and Hearts Together

"…the righteous gives and does not hold back."

Piarist priests devote their lives to furthering the mission of the Church and our Order and bringing people closer to Christ. We are grateful to the many Piarists who are with us at life’s most important moments: baptism, confirmation, marriage, in the classroom and all of life’s crisis. In retirement, Piarist Fathers continue to serve as spiritual leaders, counselors, teachers and friends. Our Piarist Fathers are the living roots of our sacramental community.
We now have fourteen priests, who are over the age of 70 years. In religious orders, there is no such thing as retirement age. We work as long as we are physically, spiritually and mentally capable. For that reason, seven are still working full time, and five are working part time. The remaining five do what they can to help.
The retired Piarist priests are valued members of our communities. They offer counsel, comfort and education. The project was established in 2015 to offer support for our retired fathers.



  • We currently have 5 retired priests in the Province
  • This project helps senior priests stay active in the community
  • This project helps with the renovation of our facilities to serve their special needs
  • The project helps to provide special health care

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